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Stellar stories: books + art (the synesthesia edition)

Stellar stories is a new after school storytime for big kids program. I read a few books and then the kids get to do some sort of art project. I was already doing this for one of our local after school groups, and this year I opened it up to all kids. I’m excited for the chance to share some of the longer and more advanced picture books with older kids (K and up).

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Bilingual storytime resources

Bilingual storytime is one of my favorite storytimes, and today I’d like to share some of the resources I use to find books, songs, rhymes, activities, apps, and more! You can also explore all my bilingual storytimes.

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Introducing: Maker Monday Blog

So, it turns out that I am really fabulous at not taking on every new exciting project I get enthusiastic about (other things I excel at: sarcasm), but this one was too good to pass up, and now I get to share it with you!


Today I am really thrilled to introduce to you a new project that I started with the amazing Miss Meg from Miss Meg’s Storytime: Maker Monday Blog, a monthly round-up of library maker programs.

Making is painting and sewing and hammering and coding and building robots or bridges and stacking blocks and 3d printing and Legos and coloring and origami and video creation. It often includes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and process over product and open-ended questions. Sometimes it uses technology, often it doesn’t. We like collaborative making, where kids work and learn together or at the same table.

This is meant to serve as a resource for anyone interested in maker programs for kids. Take a look, and stay tuned for more awesomeness!

Summer Reading: Superhero Training Camp

Like many libraries, our summer theme this year is heroes! We were all pretty excited (DUH) and had a lot of trouble limiting ourselves to what was doable. This was also the first year that I was in charge of planning the entire summer reading program, and I made a lot of big changes, which are going pretty well (more on that in a future blog post, but think down on plastic crap!).

My do-not-mess-with-me face

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