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Maker Monday: Battle Bots

My library has a set of MeeperBots that have been making appearances in our Lego Clubs, but I decided I wanted to do a little more with them. This summer I’ve been working on a programming guide for Demco using MeeperBots (coming soon!) and Maker Monday was the perfect place to test one of my programs!

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Maker Monday: robots + towers

Our latest Maker Monday was all about the robots! In addition to the Spheros that we own, I also had a kit of Lego Mindstorms from our system. I outsourced the building ahead of time to a bunch of middle schoolers, and we had all the basic bricks assembled for the program.

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Maker Monday: mini maker fair!

Some months, when the weather is crazy and the kids are itching for winter break and you are just so burned out and exhausted that you can’t think of anything new, Maker Monday turns into a mini maker fair. Which is, of course, just stations of lots of different maker activities that we’ve done before and a whole bunch of display books. It is easy to set up, requires minimal prep, and some of the kids already know what to do.

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