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Maker Monday: Battle Bots

My library has a set of MeeperBots that have been making appearances in our Lego Clubs, but I decided I wanted to do a little more with them. This summer I’ve been working on a programming guide for Demco using MeeperBots (coming soon!) and Maker Monday was the perfect place to test one of my programs!

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Little Makers: Perfect Square

For my last Little Makers of the summer we had a super simple and open ended program that led to LOTS of creativity!

Book: Perfect Square by Michael Hall

perfect square

Project: Turn “perfect” origami squares into something fantastic using only your imagination and creativity, hands, scissors, and glue. Continue reading Little Makers: Perfect Square

Maker Friday: a team-building YS advocacy program

A couple weeks ago during our library staff meeting time, we had a maker program for staff. Whenever there’s a 5th week we do something fun/professional development-y, and I suggested that we pull out all our maker stations and let the staff explore. Here’s why:

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