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Maker Monday: Robotics

My library system recently got a couple kits with 5 Lego Mindstorm Robots, and I jumped at the chance to do a program for my Maker Monday group. Overall, this was a huge success, although there are definitely a few things I would change next time.

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Maker Mondays

When I started my current position as YS Coordinator, my library didn’t offer regular, ongoing, school age programs. I quickly started both a Lego Club and a Maker Monday program. Here is how I describe the program in our advertising:


Participate in our pop-up maker space with making, tinkering, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities that will help teach new skills and literacies. 

The program is held once a month after school on Mondays, our early release day, for an hour, although it is usually a little slow starting as kids trickle in from school. It is open to kids in 2nd through 12th grade, and my aim is to get kids working together across grades and schools. So far the only high schoolers I’ve had work for Park & Rec and bring some elementary kids, but they participate and have fun too! We’ve also gotten a fair number of middle schoolers involved, and its great to see them playing along. Each month we focus on different themes and have a different activity: Continue reading Maker Mondays