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A few of my favorite things of 2015

So, first my friend Meg shared a¬†list of her favorite things from the year. Then Katrina chimed in, and as a perpetual list maker (who doesn’t love lists??) I felt the pressure. So, here are a few of my own¬†favorites, from things I’ve done to things I’ve read and learned:

5. Summer reading. This past summer was my first summer completely planning and executing a summer reading program from start to finish. It was scary, and there were some bumps, but I also made some big changes (drastically cut down on prizes!) and no one died. In fact, I’m pretty sure most kids had fun. And I STILL have kids coming in the library and saying, “You’re the one who came to my school dressed up like a superhero!” My job here is done. Except not really. Continue reading A few of my favorite things of 2015