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Homeschool Hub: Marble Runs

I did Marble Runs in one of my early Maker Mondays, and I repeated it here with my homeschool group.


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Homeschool Hub: The Hobbit

One of my older homeschool students requested a LOTR program, so I tweaked that a little and decided on a Hobbit theme so that younger students could enjoy the books too. I started by asking who had read The Hobbit, and about half the kids had either read or listened to it, and one kid had just started reading, so I had to promise we wouldn’t spoil the ending too much. Which we kind of did. Oh well.

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Homeschool Hub: Minecraft

For this month’s Homeschool Hub: Read it! program, we did Minecraft! I know, not technically a book based program, but the kids all LOVE Minecraft, and they kept suggesting it as a a theme, so I went with it. Kids came wearing Minecraft shirts and creeper hats. For a day (ok, an hour) I was really cool.

IMG_2523 2

First, I made sure to tell the kids that I was sure they all knew a lot more about Minecraft than I did, so they could be the experts. (That’s when my coolness disappeared.)  Then, everyone shared their favorite Minecraft element. I had to limit it to one per person, since some kids would have talked for the entire program. Continue reading Homeschool Hub: Minecraft

Homeschool Hub: Greek Mythology

When I first started Homeschool Hub, I asked the kids what topics they would be interested in for our Read it! programs. In addition to hearing 15 kids talk about how much they love Minecraft for 10 minutes, I also heard a lot of love for the Percy Jackson series. For this month’s Read it! we studied Greek mythology, and had a lot of fun on a hero quest and creating our own mythical creatures.

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