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Homeschool Hub: reader’s theater

Last month we did a version of reader’s theater in Homeschool Hub, adapted for an all ages group. First, we talked a little about theater and plays (some of the kids are part of our local kids Shakespeare group). Next we watched some readers theater videos before diving in.

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Homeschool Hub: Choose your own adventure

For this Read it! Homeschool Hub I featured choose your own adventure stories, and let kids explore the format by making their own.


Most of what I found were chapter books, not picture books, so after we talked about the choose your own adventure genre, I read a short section from one of the chapter books, letting the kids vote each time there was a decision to make. Continue reading Homeschool Hub: Choose your own adventure

Homeschool Hub: book trailers

I’m always looking for ways to mix books and creativity in Homeschool Hub, and my group has always loved making videos. What better way to do that than book trailers? We started by talking about trailers in general, and what a book trailer should accomplish. We watched a bunch of book trailers, both professional and kid made, and after each one I asked the kids if it made them want to read the book.

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Homeschool Hub: game design

For this Homeschool Hub we focused on game design, both digital and physical. I had a small group this month, and a large number of older teens (!!) and it was fun to see how some of the younger kids gravitated towards app creation and the older ones got out the paper and pencils.

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