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Wild Rumpus East Week Five

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Another great rumpus, with lots of new families and, like last week, one structure that was added to, tweaked, and played with throughout the evening.

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Wild Rumpus East Week Four

Over 150 people came out to the rumpus this week, with lots of new families stopping by for some great play. Our parent/child survey questions this week centered around learning something new, and the majority of kids who responded said they learned something new, with the majority of grownups agreeing that they watched their kid learn something. I heard one mom telling her daughter, “That’s AnjiPlay baby!”

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Let the wild rumpus start: an anjiplay experience

Last summer my colleague/friend/co-conspirator/taco buddy Carissa started a new program at her neighborhood library (ok, not actually in the library, in a park near the library): A Wild Rumpus, based on AnjiPlay. The program was a hit (read more about it here), and this summer we are expanding the Wild Rumpus to a second park on the east side of town. I’ll be leading this program, and I’m really excited to see what happens in a completely different neighborhood as we strive to reach new kids and families.

Follow along here for the east side weekly report, and make sure to check out Carissa’s west side reports. Let the wild rumpus start!