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Family Fun Night: Not a box

This Family Fun Night was held at a local elementary school for the Head Start class. This year they have a high number of Hispanic kids and I love doing bilingual storytime with this group.

The Head Start Family Fun Nights always start with a free dinner, and families that need transportation are bussed to the school. Rather than just a storytime, the teacher wanted something for this event that would really encourage parent/child playing and interactions as well as literacy. Some of her kids never play (or read) with their parents, and she wanted to provide an opportunity for play and learning for both parents and kids. So I came up with a super easy and fun Not a Box program!

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Public Library Party

One of our local elementary schools is working on an initiative against poverty, and this winter they contacted me to see if there was a way to highlight the resources that the public library offers. I was thrilled with the idea, and we came up with a Public Library Party, held here at the library, that the whole school was invited to!

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On saying YES: giving kids ownership of the library

About a year and a half ago, when I was still pretty new at the library and just starting my bilingual storytimes, I was prepping an activity at the desk after school for that evening’s program. One of our regular kids, then a 4th grader, came in and asked what I was doing. I told her, and she said, “Cool! Can I help?”

I said yes immediately. I was a little behind, and I still needed to eat dinner and set up the room.  I needed the help, and she sometimes hung out and got bored, so I figured this was a win-win situation. I handed over the scissors and explained what we were doing. She went to work.

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Maker Monday: mini maker fair!

Some months, when the weather is crazy and the kids are itching for winter break and you are just so burned out and exhausted that you can’t think of anything new, Maker Monday turns into a mini maker fair. Which is, of course, just stations of lots of different maker activities that we’ve done before and a whole bunch of display books. It is easy to set up, requires minimal prep, and some of the kids already know what to do.

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Family Fun Night: Science!

For our first Family Fun Night of the year, we had a night of science! I moved the time slightly later in the evening, and changed how we marketed the program, so I had no clue how many people or what ages to expect. But it was great! We had large group, and families with kids ranging from 1 to 10. The best part was watching the parents engage with the kids as they worked through the different activities.

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