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Do you want to build a snowman? A snowy day story walk

Our current storywalk is the most popular yet! The Snowy Day is one of my all time favorite books, and one that I read to almost every kid under the age of 5 in town in December. It seemed like the perfect choice for our next storywalk!

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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Vamos a la luna!

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom is one of my storytime favorites. I swear, this song is preschooler crack. They ALWAYS request it before I even say what song we’re going to do. We go to the moon, we go to the stars, we go to Mars or Saturn, sometimes we go super fast and we always go back to earth really quietly so we can read another story.


This year, I’ve been adding in more Spanish to my outreach storytimes, and recently a kid asked for Zoom Zoom Zoom in Spanish! I couldn’t find a Spanish version anywhere, so I created my own. Here you go!

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: Vamos a la luna

Zoom, zoom, zoom
Vamos a la luna.
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Vamos a la luna.

Si quieres viajar conmigo
Súbete al cohete

Zoom, zoom, zoom
Vamos a la luna.
En 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

From bilingual storytime to just storytime: a learning experience

Last fall, we didn’t offer bilingual storytime at the library.  This was a really tough decision for me to make, and something that definitely made me feel like a failure. Bilingual storytime was something I was proud of, something I had started as soon as I was hired, and one of the biggest ways our library was serving Spanish speakers and creating awareness about diversity in our community.

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Introducing baby storytime

This fall I was insanely excited to start a baby storytime at my library. There had been one a few years ago, but when the babies aged out they ended up with toddler and preschool storytimes instead. I decided to tack on a babytime (0-18 months) before toddler storytime, allowing plenty of time for play in between.

Our toddler storytime is called Wiggletime, so for the babies one of my great coworkers came up with the name Snuggletime. (Rejected titles included cuddletime, tickletime and, uh, fondletime).

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Storywalk: Click, Clack, Moo!

For our latest storywalk, we featured Click, Clack, Moo by Doreen Cronin, to go along with our ever popular typewriter. The typewriter is going strong, I don’t have a day go by where kids are typing away, and lots of parents get into it as well and work together with their kids. I recently overheard a mom telling a friend that her daughter (maybe 10ish?) was going to be getting a typewriter for Christmas since she loves ours so much.







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Resolve to Rock: 2016

So, I admit, I’m a year behind on this one. Last year, Storytime Underground invited everyone to share their professional goals and resolve to rock the next year. I didn’t have a blog, but I read every single post and, seven months in to my librarian career, I thought a lot about what I was reading, noticing similarities and things that made me say, “Oh! I should work on that!”


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