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A few of my favorite things of 2015

So, first my friend Meg shared a list of her favorite things from the year. Then Katrina chimed in, and as a perpetual list maker (who doesn’t love lists??) I felt the pressure. So, here are a few of my own favorites, from things I’ve done to things I’ve read and learned:

5. Summer reading. This past summer was my first summer completely planning and executing a summer reading program from start to finish. It was scary, and there were some bumps, but I also made some big changes (drastically cut down on prizes!) and no one died. In fact, I’m pretty sure most kids had fun. And I STILL have kids coming in the library and saying, “You’re the one who came to my school dressed up like a superhero!” My job here is done. Except not really. Continue reading A few of my favorite things of 2015


Homeschool Hub: Mock Caldecott Awards

For our last Homeschool Hub of the year, we held our own Mock Caldecott Awards to pick our favorite picture book. I compiled a list of the books we would read and consider, based on some of the mock Caldecott lists on the internet, and sent it to my families in advance.

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Bilingual storytime on the road

This fall, I took bilingual storytime on the road! In order to reach a new and bigger audience, I offered programs at a local church and at our private Catholic elementary school, both in the evening. Not knowing anything about numbers or ages of who my audience would be, I mostly used my normal bilingual storytime outline, with some additions to tweak it for different ages.

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Homeschool Hub: book trailers

I’m always looking for ways to mix books and creativity in Homeschool Hub, and my group has always loved making videos. What better way to do that than book trailers? We started by talking about trailers in general, and what a book trailer should accomplish. We watched a bunch of book trailers, both professional and kid made, and after each one I asked the kids if it made them want to read the book.

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