Monthly Archives: November 2015

Dramatic play, baby!

We know how important dramatic and pretend play is for kids and growth of early literacy skills. It helps develop narrative skills for storytelling, and lets kids assume roles to learn about the real world (cook, teacher, reader, fireman, etc). It encourages social interactions and (hopefully) can engage grownups in play with the kids.

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What-ology: Art

For What-ology? this month we looked at different styles of art and made some of our own. I printed copies of famous art in different styles and hung them up around the room. I also had out a whole bunch of art supplies for creating art in lots of different styles.

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Homeschool Hub: game design

For this Homeschool Hub we focused on game design, both digital and physical. I had a small group this month, and a large number of older teens (!!) and it was fun to see how some of the younger kids gravitated towards app creation and the older ones got out the paper and pencils.

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Media mentorship, apps in storytime, and a video, oh my!

This year, I participated in iLead, a state wide leadership technology initiative, with a fabulous team that created WisCode Literati. It is awesome, check it out.

But another team focused on early literacy and media mentorship and using apps in storytime, which is also a passion of mine. They created a video to help librarians become good media mentors and be able to recommend apps and how to use apps to families. They filmed some app storytimes, interviewed parents, and talked with our local expert, Carissa. Oh, and they also interviewed me.