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A month of: Art!

One of my favorite parts of my job is outreach storytimes at daycares. I see almost all the kids in daycare once a month, and one of the best parts is when they come into the library, gasp when they see me, and then ask WHAT I’m doing there. Even though we always talk at the beginning of storytime about how I come from the library…

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Bilingual Storytime: Shapes and a cazuela

My bilingual family storytimes all follow the same outline, and I fill in the blanks with books, flannel stories, and activities!

Book: Round is a Tortilla, by Roseanne Greenfield Thong.

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Bilingual storytime: an outline

This fall I started a bilingual (Spanish/English) family storytime once a month on a Thursday evening. This post is a general outline of the program; stay tuned for more specific program plans!

My goals were to engage with and welcome native Spanish speaking families, as well as offer a chance for non-native speakers to expose their kids to a new language and culture. So far, I’ve had a great mix of attendance, with families from both my target audiences attending. I get little kids, adult tutors from the literacy council, and even 4th graders who then say hello to me in Spanish for a week afterwards.

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